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kat alyst photographer katalyst

Kat Alyst creates fictional worlds that don’t exist, yet share authentic narratives through oddly familiar glances into the abstract through a stylized camera lens. Color theory in imagery often stems from experiences with synesthesia and dominates the storylines portrayed. Lonesome expressions leave hints of nostalgia and blur messages below their surface. Subjects who stare at viewers, invite them in to briefly live in their world, whereas the ones who look away would rather they not stay too long. In either instance, the duration of the gaze becomes a reflection of the piece.

V Magazine once described her work as, "Kat Alyst defies categorization by being original and a little eccentric, which can be appreciated in her work. She lives her life—both personally and professionally—by her own set of rules, not falling for what is typically expected of female photographers."

Kat predominately works between Los Angeles, Austin, New York, and travels internationally for editorial work.

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