Kat Alyst is a photographer whose work draws a connection to fashion and art and blurs the line of surrealism. In tune with synesthesia, Kat examines color combinations inspired from visions that certain words or language combinations bring, and overlays them onto her subjects.

Her creative process is tailored by drawing ideas into old book pages, where letters and words guide her mind into the narratives she forms. 

There are ample easter eggs in every piece of work to be dissected... Unless you knew Kat from an early age you may not know what they mean to her, but she creates a world with still subjects that often gaze into the viewer's eyes, allowing viewers only a moment of visitation into the candy colored world in washed over apathy. If the subject is not looking at the audience, it is a more private storyline.


Kat Alyst received her BFA in Digital Media & Photography. She has contributed to many publications which some are but not limited to: Institute Magazine, Beautiful Decay Magazine, ART+DESIGN Magazine, Dark Beauty Magazine, Italian Vogue, Prime Magazine, Picton Magazine, LYUN Magazine, Beautymute Magazine, GMARO Magazine, Féroce Magazine, MOEVIR Magazine, and many more.

pronounced: /ˈkad(ə)ləst/