Kat Alyst is a traveling photographer whose work focuses on fashion-focused art portraiture with a realm of surrealism by color and/or symbol usage. Her background shifted into a nomadic and unknown world at an early age in rural Texas- with a future that deemed unpredictable and rigid. How to balance, be still, and simply know what's next? Alyst examines stillness and solitude in most portrait work, with a rhapsodize world of color use, washed over apathy. Synesthesia also play a prominent part is Alyst's creative process.


Influenced by the escape into fine art books and nostalgic movies from her past, kitsch artist's from her studies, aesthetic of the mysteries of underground scenes and genres worldwide, Alyst uses storylines from her personal life and nostalgia to incorporate hidden visual narratives.


Kat Alyst received her BFA in Digital Media & Photography. She has contributed to many publications which some are but not limited to: Institute Magazine, Beautiful Decay Magazine, ART+DESIGN Magazine, Dark Beauty Magazine, Italian Vogue, Prime Magazine, Picton Magazine, LYUN Magazine, Beautymute Magazine, GMARO Magazine, Féroce Magazine, MOEVIR Magazine, and many more.

pronounced: /ˈkad(ə)ləst/

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