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kat alyst photographer katalyst

Kat Alyst employs photography to create personal storylines within fictitious realms, using set design as a key tool to construct temporary environments. Her concepts draw inspiration from synesthetic experiences and are frequently shaped by the interplay of colors throughout the work. By utilizing vibrant color palettes to express topics that are considered taboo, Alyst provides a platform to explore and discuss sensitive issues with greater ease, highlighting many shared vulnerabilities of the human condition. Through her work, figures within frames engage with viewers by either meeting their gaze or averting it. In both instances, the duration of the gaze creates the final reflection of the piece, inviting viewers to briefly visit their world or preferring them not to stay too long.

V Magazine described her work as, "Kat Alyst defies categorization by being original and a little eccentric, which can be appreciated in her work. She lives her life—both personally and professionally—by her own set of rules, not falling for what is typically expected of female photographers."

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