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Solo Exhibitions



someone is trying to tell you something, LA Weekly, Los Angeles, CA


Group Exhibitions


No Man's Land, yippee-ki-yay, Shockboxx Gallery, Hermosa Beach, CA 


third person, B.J. Spoke Gallery, Huntington, NY

caught pink-handed, B.J. Spoke Gallery, Huntington, NY

sleep paralysis (reprise), B.J. Spoke Gallery, Huntington, NY


Pop Art & Trashy, Ronilyn McRoe, Shockboxx Gallery, Hermosa Beach, CA 

GASP!, The Thing We Found in the Attic from 1942, Gasp Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 

Major Tom, blues-colored shades, H Gallery, Ventura, CA 

Not! Another Art Fair, caught pink-handed, Shockboxx Gallery, Hermosa Beach, CA


Photography: A Group Exhibition, bed rest, Las Laguna Gallery, Las Laguna, CA