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Contact inquiry for 1 of 1 printed and framed works through The Shockboxx Gallery or through

Kat Alyst uses photography as the chosen medium to share vulnerabilities in constructed, surreal, and hyper-stylized worlds via self-portraits; shared through metaphoric storylines. Born with synesthesia, color saturation dominates individual frames with careful intentions. Perceptions of words and phrases inspire the foundation of color use, and early memories of the ability to taste colors play prominent roles in visualizing a message from the abstract to narrative form. By portraying seemingly cheerful and bright work, viewers are invited to perceive beyond first impressions, and peer into the hidden messages of which discuss Alyst's past concealed experiences of subjects and memories still oftentimes deemed "too taboo" for casual conversation. Images without direct eye contact with audiences are less inclined to allow your visit for too long, whereas imagery with mutual gaze is ready for company's stay. In these realms, apathy intertwines with a vibrancy that creates a "push and pull" within each composition to offer a familiar glimpse into the abstract. Everyone is encouraged to listen, ask questions, enjoy, and stay awhile in this virtual experience... and hopefully, find support from Kat Alyst to you. You're not alone in your human experiences, and the only way to remind you is by sharing more.


"caught pink-handed" - SOLD


"blues-colored shades" - SOLD


"how to disappear" - on view by appointment only


"i love me... i love me not..." currently on view with Artsy


"bed rest" currently on view with Artsy


"transcending heaven"currently on view with Artsy


"third person"currently on view with Artsy


"sleep paralysis" currently on view with Artsy

flaunt 01.jpg

"smoke and mirrors" {part 1} - on view by appointment only

pic 2.jpg

"smoke and mirrors" {part 2} - on view by appointment only


"viole{n}ts" - on view by appointment only

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